Canyonlands 2002
Grand Canyon 2001
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Grand Canyon Backpacking

I went backpacking in the Grand Canyon for a week. I've been to the Canyon before, but only as a day tourist. We went to a little-populated area on the north rim. Most of our trip was off-trail, and not visited very often. The first night below the rim of the Canyon, we slept next to an old cabin that had a place to sign in. The last visitors before us had been there in January. When we arrived Saturday afternoon, it was still light out and the Canyon was spectacular.

There were 6 of us. Here we are as we started out (left to right):
Me, Paul Doherty, Bob Ayers, who had planned the trip, and Martin and Moresa Meyer. Bill Rushton took the picture.


From here, you can either look at the pictures, or read my illustrated travelogue.