Canyonlands 2002
Grand Canyon 2001
SSN FAQ Geneology

Maps for Dane Maslen's Reduced Randomness RR2320SJ (Slovenia)

Maps for Jim Reader's 2279NIG Nigeria game

Maps for Conrad Metzke's "Jane Grey" 2250IX Iowa Development game

(Cities aren't determined until two players reach them.)

Maps for Jim Readers's RRLXI 2201KK Caucasus game

Maps for Jim Readers's RR2162KZ Kazakhstan game

I'm a substitute

Maps for Jim Readers's RR2122CA Central Asia game

Maps for Robert Gingell's Middle Earth game

Maps for Jim Reader's RR 42 game

The game reports are in issues 93 to 101 of Variable Pig.

Maps for Conrad von Metzke's Revived RR1779K game