Hibbert Family

In 1903 Wilbur & Orville Wright successfully fly a powered airplane

2. William Sylvanius Hibbert born 7 December 1878 in West Salem, Illinois, died 10 October 1934 in Dayton, Oregon. He had diabetes and was insulin dependent. He was sick for a week before he died, having just returned from a trip, with his wife, to the Chicago World's Fair. W.S. married, Thursday, 15 January 1903 in Oregon at an Episcopal Church, document does not say the name of the city.

When they were first married they lived in a little house near the Yamhill River. William worked at an evaporating plant which made vegetable soup mix. Most of the soup mix was sent to Alaska. William had developed the formula for that mix.

During World War I, between the years 1914 & 1917, W.S. bought a railroad car load of sugar at $5.00 a sack. Then the sugar price went up to $25.00 per sack. W.S. had a can full of gold coins that he buried in the basement. The kids were very surprised and eyes, all agog, when he brought it up and dumped it out on the kitchen table!

W.S. owned and operated a grocery store and a feed store. He also owned a truck dealership in partners with a judge from Oregon City, and was partners with his brother-in-law, Captain Lumm, in ownership of a steamboat, a paddlewheel named "The Relief". It went up and down the Yamhill River between Dayton and Portland, Oregon. He also had orchards of peaches, walnuts, filberts, and logan berry fields. Upon his death his wife and grandson, Richard Tudor Hibbert, operated all this during the fruit season. During the Second World War, Richard spent the summers with his grandmother Hibbert. He sold peaches by the side of the road. The shipyard workers stopped on the way home to buy, they always seemed to have lots of money. Richard drove a truck with the crates of loganberries to the cannery at age 13. Richard's father's cousin, Evie, taught Richard to drive.

1910-Mark Twain died

1910 - Florence Nightingale died - born 1820

3. Wilheminia Louise Tudor Wambsgans born 28 October 1878 in Omaha, Nebraska, died 3 January 1968 in Dayton, Oregon.

The Indians came to the house and asked for the child with the golden hair. Her mother, Eliza, stood up to them and said "NO". She bartered with them and gave them something else. The child with the golden hair was Wilheminia.

The first family car was a Ford purchased new in 1910. Babe was so tiny that her mother worried about taking her in the car. She was afraid that if they hit a bump, the baby would break her neck.

Wilheminia learned to drive the car. Once when the kids were in their teens, she was driving and W.S. was with her. He kept telling her to slow down, she got flustered and wiped out the fence. She got out of the car and never drove again!

Wilhemina painted some lovely pictures. She also painted on china. After her death, a few cups and saucers, that she had painted, were found. Wilhemina went to high school in Dayton.

W.S. went to Linfield College. One day he invited Wilheminia to come to school to meet one of his professors. But when he went to introduce her, he couldn't remember her name. Wilhelmina retold that incident many times.

Hester, Wilheminia, Elizabeth, and William Sylvanus Hibbert about 1915



Hibbert Family

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated 14 April 1865

4. William Hibbert born 12 July 1844 in West Salem, Illinois, died 6 October 1919 in Dayton, Oregon, married 10 September 1865 in West Salem, Oregon.

According to the census records of 1870, 1880, 1900 and 1910 William was a farmer. On the 1870 census he owned land valued at $2500.00.

Susan Jane Dawson
5. Susan Jane Dawson born 4 July 1843 in Kentucky, died 4 January 1913 in Dayton, Oregon. Susan Jane married first Silvanius Bunting who died of Typhoid Fever at the Regimental Hospital at Franklin, Louisiana on 23 January 1864 during the Civil War, No Issue. (Notice the name Silvanius from first husband and the Sylvanius in son's name.)

Children of Susan Jane & William Hibbert: