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On May 13th, 2000 Janet and I went to watch the Cat's Hill Criterium, an annual bike race on the streets of Los Gatos. It's exciting to watch the cyclists racing around the tight corners of the city streets. The effect is very different from a race around a track where you can see what's happening all the time; here, the racers disappear and reappear, usually in the same order, but often with a change in leaders. The Cat's Hill course is tough enough (the hill is a 23% grade immediately following a 90 degree turn) that significant numbers of riders drop out every lap.

I captured some good sequences. (My camera will snap up to 9 pictures in quick succession.) The movies are big enough that I'll leave them as separate links with thumbnails here to link from. They're a little slow to load the first time, but then you can watch them again at the speed of your local machine.

In this one, the riders are reaching the top of the hill. You can see them
standing on their bikes and working hard. (717K, repeats twice after loading.)
Here's a woman far enough ahead
that she turns and looks over her
shoulder as she gets even with me. (1.2M)
  The Men are starting up the Hill here.
(1.8M, repeats three times after loading.)
The women come around the corner and start up the hill. They move smoothly
enough that you don't really see them pedal, but you do get the feeling
of movement from the approach of the crowd. (1.1M, repeats twice after loading.)