Canyonlands 2002
Grand Canyon 2001
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Grand Canyon Waterfalls

Animated GIF of
PD climbing over Canyoneer
PD climbing over water
We Camped two nights
on these Ledges
Ledges we camped on
"Cannonball Falls"
enter by traversing the ledges
on the left; exit by doing a
cannonball into the lower pool
Martin shooting the falls
Narrow shot
; Wide Shot
From where Martin was in the
previous shot, you can see further
up to a series of higher falls.
Cannono Ball falls
The upper Cannonball falls Upper Cannonball Falls
Another falls above our camp
in shade and in the sun
Lower Falls

Lower Falls-sun

View from above of the
same falls; taken a day
later on our way out
Above Lower falls
We made a side trip to
Tapeats Canyon. Our path
was blocked by high water
Tapeats Falls
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