Canyonlands 2002
Grand Canyon 2001
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Grand Canyon Portraits

The group at the start.
Chris, PD, Bob, Martin, Marissa
(Bill is taking the picture.)
Initial Group
Bob and Martin on the trail Bob & Martin
Animated GIF of
PD climbing over a pool
in Canyoneer
PD climbing over water
Martin Traversing Martin Traversing
On the side trip to Tapeats Descending near Tapeats
Bob and Moressa
examining a cactus in bloom
Bob&Moressa w/Cactus
full sleeping bags at
camp on the ledges
Camp on the Ledges
Bob finishes the ascent Bob
Paul finishes the ascent Paul
Moressa finishes the ascent. Moressa
A rest stop on the final day Rest Stop
At the rim again Final Group
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