Mattecheck Family

1. Ursula Henrieta Mattecheck born 4 April 1904 in Mapleton, Minnesotta, died
Ursula Henrieta Mattecheck
on her wedding day, 1931
31 December 1979 in Visalia, California, cremated & interred at Waldport, Oregon, married 13 October 1931 in Dayton, Oregon to Wilfred Higinbothom Hibbert born 7 June 1907. Ursula was born the fourth day of the fourth month in 1904. In her teenage years she was called "Sue" and had lots of boyfriends. They had cats as pets. One's name was Dinklespiel which means playful. He learned to get up where he could maneuver the doorknob and get it open. They lived in a little red house near the tracks. Later they moved to a large gray house closer to town. Then they were one or two blocks from the business district. This house had two stories. The kids had rooms upstairs. They slept on a sleeping porch, each in their own bed.

Their parent's room was downstairs. One time the family had made homemade rootbeer. It was put out on the roof to age. The bottles were laying on their sides. They somehow got loose and started to roll off. They made a terrible racket and woke up everybody! The family went to the mountains in the eastern part of Washington for a week. A spring broke in the car so Dad worked most of the time fixing the car. Everyone but Father went to the sulphur springs and a swimming pool with water from the springs. It was fun to swim in the bouyant water.

Richard Tudor Hibbert Robert Walter Hibbert



Mattecheck Family

1898 - The Spanish-American War, 15 February 1898, U.S.S. Maine was mysteriously blown up in Havana harbor.

2. Matthias Walter Mattecheck born 3 August 1876 in Watertown, Wisconsin, died 14 April 1955 in McMinneville, Oregon, buried in St. James Catholic Cemetery in McMinneville, Oregon, married 1 June 1903 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at St. Charles Catholic Church by Father McCarthy.

Matthias Walter Mattecheck & Mary Henrietta Webb about 1950

(The church has burned and Father McCarthy is dead) Matthias was often called "Matt". He graduated from high school and then went on to Law School at the University of Minnesota, where he graduated before he married. Matt moved his wife and children from Michigan, where he was in the banking business, to Kennewick, Washington. In Washington he had a hardware store where he worked during the day. At night he had a Reo Car dealership.

1904 - The Reo introduced by R.E. Olds has a
wheel instead of a tiller...

Then he dropped the car dealership and bought a theatre there in Kennewick. In 1926-27 Mother moved to Seattle to have better schools for the kids. Then Matt found a theatre in McMinneville, Oregon. That is when he started the Lark Theatre, just after Bob graduated. So when Harriet finished high school, they all moved to McMinnevville. Matthias Walter Mattecheck was a real good egg. But Mother always seemed to want to spoil everyone's plans. Once Matt wanted to go to a theatre convention and asked his wife to go with him. She said no assuming that he wouldn't go either but he did. Things were mighty cool when he got back home. Matt died of bone cancer.

3. Mary Henrietta Webb born 3 March 1879 in St. Paul, Minnesota, died 24 March 1954 in California, buried next to her husband at St. James Catholic Cemetery in McMinneville, Oregon. Mary's mother died when Mary was nine years old. Mary did not like her stepmother, Sarah. Mary was a teacher for several years. Mary Webb wrote a poetry book called "Autumn Leaves". Her pen name is May Webb Mattecheck. She chose "May" because her father called her "May-ree". On page 9 of her book is a poem about May-Ree. She had a running argument with the poet editor of the Oregonian newspaper.

Bob & Ursula (Sue) Mattecheck, about 1909
2A.(Ursula 1) Henrietta Mattecheck born 4 April 1904 in Mapleton, Minnesota. Ursula was named after St. Ursula and called "Urs" as a child. Among the things Dad sold at the hardward store were Victorolas. So they got one and Sue played it very loudly on the front porch so that everyone would know they had one! When they lived in Kennewick and Sue went swimming at the Columbia River, she liked to ride on the running board of the Reo. She wore a swim suit with a long sweater over it. It looked as though she was naked!

Mother did not approve.


Mattecheck Family

1906 - San Francisco earthquake kills 700; $400 million property loss!

4. Joseph Mattecheck born 8 April 1833 in Prag, Czechoslovakia, died 24 May 1917, married about 1852.

5. Anna Draschlea born about 1834 in Bohemia, died 15 November 1910.



Webb Family

6. James Robert Webb born in December 1844 in Kentucky, married 29 December 1868 in Maysville, Kentucky. On the 1900 Census he states he is a boot and shoe salesman in Austin, Minnesota.

7. Henrietta Wordsworth Pemberton born 4 September 1848 in Maysville, Kentucky, died 24 March 1888, in Austin, Minnesota. Married 29 December 1868 to James Robert Webb.



Webb Family

1861 - 1865, the Civil War in the United States

12. Edward Webb born in Maine about 1816. On the Kentucky 1880 census he states that he is a lawyer.

13. Sarah _________ born in Kentucky about 1816.


Edward Webb is enumerated on the 1880 census with his second wife, Abigail ________ who is two years younger. Edward's daughters did not like their step-mother.

On the 1870 census Edward Webb is next on the list to a William and Harriet Baldwin. I believe that Harriet is a sibbling to either Edward or his first wife, Sarah.

Notice the names of James and Henrietta Webb's daughters:
#1 Katherine
mother's mothers name
mother's fathers sur-name
#2 Abigail
father's step-mothers name
father's sisters married sur-name
#3 Harriet
father's sisters first name
mother's sister's husband's sur-name
#4 Mary
mother's sister's name
mother's name