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Connie's Techo

A friend found this book among her father's Navy souvenirs from his WWII service in the Pacific.

She has been told by Japanese friends that it's called a "Techo", and is a military instruction book. She would like to return this to any family member we can find. Here are the details we have:

All Japanese military personnel were required to carry this small pocketbook and memorize THE Emperor's words therein. The Techo includes chapters such as these:
  1. Imperial Rescript to Soldiers and Sailors
  2. Imperial Rescript on Education

The first few pages contain personal information. The book belonged to Mr Yutaka Shibata who was born August 23, 1922 in Sotouro-cho, Edo Machi town, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki. His street address was 14 Banchi. This town, of course, was bombed, which may explain why I have so far been unable to locate any family members. Mr Shibata was drafted into the Western Military Army of Japan on August 15, 1943. He served with troop # 8064 in air defense. He did not finish his technical training, and was out of the army in November, 1943.

There is nothing further written in the book, so I have no idea what happened to him afterwards. I also have no idea how my father came upon this pocket book, which shows only mild weathering. I am guessing he found it on the side of the road not too long after it was dropped there, although my father was not in the Pacific until 1945.

If you can give us any suggestions on how we might learn more about Mr Shibata, we'd be very grateful.