Zoo Echidna

This photo is from the Sydney zoo. The Echidna looks clipped. We also saw one when we were in Sherbourne forest, just after seeing the Lyre bird.
We were walking along the trail, and Eileen asks "What's making that rustling sound there?" The rest of us looked and didn't see anything, but Eileen insisted there was something there. That kept the rest of us there long enough for an echidna to emerge from the underbrush and Echidna emerges from the underbrush
wander around about 5 feet from the trail, completely oblivous to us running around trying to see, position ourselves for good photos, etc. It didn't even seem to notice that we were using our flashes. Echidna Moving along
Finally, still oblivious to us, it wandered into a hole through a rotten tree trunk. We calmed ourselves down, and continued our hike. Echidna dives into hole