There is a huge variety of birds in Australia, and they all seem to be colorful. In the cities, the birds that are doing pigeon-like things (scrounging for leftovers at sidewalk cafes walking underfoot, hanging around public fountains and statues) are bright reds, blues, and greens. One of the highlights of our trip was seeing "the elusive lyre bird." I didn't get a good picture of it, but here's someone else's photo.

We went for a hike in the Sherbourne forest, looking for Lyrebird Falls, and saw quite a few impressive birds. The King ParrotsSmall King Parrot and Crimson Rosellas Rosella thumbnail were all hanging around the parking lot and picnic areas. The Kookoobura Kookaburra thumbnail was a little ways into the woods. The lyrebird was several miles from the densly frequented part of the park.