Estey Family

1937-Amelia Earhart lost on Pacific flight

1. Evelene Estey was born 9 July 1905 at Spokane, Washington, died 12 April 1972, of heart failure due to old Rhumatic heart disease, buried in Bend, Oregon.

Evelene went to college at Ashland, Oregon, a teacher's school for one year. Then she taught for a year and then went back to school for another year. In those days you could receive a teaching lifetime certificate after just one year of school. After her two years of school, she began teaching at what was known as "The Stanley Ranch" in Central Oregon. Her uncle, George Murphy, Sr., helped her buy a nice little car.

Evelene married first on 26 December 1931, in Bend, Oregon, to Richard Alexander Woods born 7 January 1903 in Augusta, Montana. His parents were John Clement Woods & Romanie Jinnette Wright. Richard died after catching cold while planting gladious bulbs. This was before any of the miracle drugs. Each day he was a little worse, and died by the week's end on 21 May 1938. Evelene looked into Welfare but when she was told that each of her children could have only one pair of shoes per year, decided against that. She owned a house which was on two acres of land, with a cow, a pig and some chickens. Then she went back to teaching in a two room country school. She earned $900.00 per school year, or a hundred dollars a month. So for the three summer months she arranged to charge gas at the nearby Graffenberger Brothers Gas Station. And food was purchased on charge, too, with Jack, at the corner country store. Then over the following nine months she paid back on the charges and so the pattern continued for several years.

Children by first husband, who were born in Bend, Oregon.

Evelene married second on 5 November 1942, in Portland, Oregon, to Louis Henry Gless born 25 January 1884 in Iowa. No Issue.

Louis Henry Gless left home in Iowa at a young age of about 17 years. He joined the Navy as an enlisted man. He was with the "Great White Fleet" when it went into China. Later he homesteaded in Central Oregon, worked as a logger and then became a machinist at Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Mill in Bend, Oregon.

Louis and Evelene met when he came to her house. He was looking for a live-in housekeeper. Some of the neighbors thought Evelene might like that kind of work so that she could stay home with her children. Evelene did not want to do that kind of work. So Louis asked her to go to the movies.

Louis Henry Gless, Jennie Lee & John Richard Woods
and Evelene Estey Woods Gless


Estey Family

1920- 18th Ammendment to U.S. Constitution goes into effect: Prohibition throughout U.S.

2. Charles Miles Estey, Jr. was born at New Brunswick, Canada on 27 August 1864, died 1 July 1922. He was married first on 30 January 1884 in Wilmot, Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada to Matilda Simmonson who died before the 1900 census was taken at the family home in Spokane, Washington, 15 June 1900. Charles and Matilda joined the United Church in Weston on 28 March 1888. They were baptised in this church on 14 December 1888 and "removed from district" in 1890, probably when they moved to the United States. Charles was always called "CM", never Charles or Charlie!

He like to have bread and butter with jam after every meal, even after a good desert. He worked for a while at the Anaconda Copper Mines, which were near Butte, Montana.

Then he owned and operated a meat market in Spokane, Washington. CM was going to town when a truck hit his wagon, threw him off and the wagon ran over him. He died a few days later.

Charles Miles Estey

From Spokane Daily Chronicle, Monday July 3, 1922, Estey - "The funeral of Charles Miles Estey, age 57, who died at the Deaconess hospital Saturday, will be held this afternoon at 3 o'clock from Smith and Co's parlors. the Rev. J. Edwards will officiate. He is survived by his wife, Laura; a daughter, Eveline; and sons Howard, Ernest, Miles and Frank all at the home at Opportunity."

Children by first wife, who were born in Canada.

3. Pricilla (never liked her name, chose to be called Laura) Akin was born 25 December 1878, the child of Edward Akin & Lucinda Buckley, died 14 August 1923, of carcinoma of uterus. Laura was first married to Lawrence Blanchard 10 June 1894 in Idaho when she was sixteen. There was a daughter, named Grace, born of this marriage who died as an infant. This marriage ended in divorce 27 October 1903. However, when the 1900 census was taken Laura was enumerated, working as a servant. She was in the household of Adolph Leroy on 12 June 1900 in Spokane County, Washington.

Charles & Laura, as second marriage for each, were married on 17 August 1904 in Spokane, Washington.

Laura was a very good cook. Her son, Howard, remembers that she liked to cook "fancy". He remembers her standing on the porch brushing her clothes with a brush before starting to fix any meal. She canned a lot of food, made Lady Baltimore and other special cakes, & bottled rootbeer.

On holidays people came in or they went on picnics to the Spokane River or to Liberty Lake. For Christmas Laura would fix a big dinner, The kids each hung their socks. Santa gifts would be books, sleds, gloves, tinker toys, or maybe erector sets. Evelene played with the neighbor girls. They liked to cut dolls out of the Monkey (Montgomery) Wards Catalog. They had store bought paper dolls, too.

Children of second marriage, who were born in Spokane,Washington.

Wave & Ernest Estey, Louis & Evelene Gless and Vera & Howard Estey, about 1950


Estey Family

1858-Ottawa becomes capital of Canada

4. Charles Miles Estey, Sr. born 16 December 1838 in Canada, died 28 March 1864, which was before his son, (Charles2) was born, married 19 June 1861.

5. Caroline Albina Briggs born about 1843 in Canada, died 18 February 1884.


Caroline Briggs married second on 22 January 1869 to George Simmons who died 20 March 1881 aged 44 years. They had a child named Ephraim who died 10 February 1881 aged three years.


Estey Family

1843- the cojoined Siamese twins Chang and Eng Bunker (1811-1874) marry the Misses Sarah and Adelaide Yates

8. John H. Estey born 3 December 1810, died 5 January 1886, married first - 9. Hepzibah Stickney born about 1816 in New Brunswick. (No further information) Children:

John H. Estey married second to Sarah True.


Briggs Family

10. Elijah Briggs born about 1807, married on 7 January 1837.
11. Joanne Dunne.



Estey Family

1809- Napoleon divorces Josephine
16. Endicott Estey born 9 December 1777, in Kingsclear, New Brunswick, Canada, died 16 August 1848.

17. Hannah Churchill. (No further information on Hannah.)


Briggs Family

20. Abrial Briggs. (No further information)

21. Elizabeth (Nee Unknown).


Estey Family

1762-First British settlement at Maugerville, New Brunswick

32. John Estey born 14 December 1742 in Rowley, Massachusetts, died about 1824, married 28 August 1769 in Maugerville, Canada. John moved with his father and brothers, Zebulon & Richard, and sister Sarah who married Thomas Barker. They moved from Rowley, Massachusetts to Maugerville, New Brunswick, Canada in 1764.

"The River St. John" by Rev. Wm. Raymond

published in 1910, pages 334-5:

"On 15 January 1765 on Captain Francis Peabody's schooner, came Zebulon Estey to Maugerville. He paid 12 shillings passage money from Newburyport to St. John and 13s 6d for `his club of Cyder' on the voyage. Richard Estey and Thomas Barker built a saw-mill on a small creek near Middle Island. (After 1765.) They sold it in 1779 - near Maugerville. Richard Estey signed a church covenant for a distinct church society. Many moved from Maugerville due to the annoyance of the spring freshets. Zebulon Estey moved to Gagetown. Some went across the river to the township of Burton. These included Israel Estey, Moses Estey and Amos Estey."

33. Molly Hartt, daughter of Jonathan & Mercy (Hawkes) Hartt of Lynn, Massachusetts. (No further information on Molly.)



Estey Family

1782 - James Watts invents double-acting rotary steam engine

64. Richard Estey born 7 April 1706 in Topsfield, Massachusetts, died March 1791, married 7 May 1728 in Topsfield, Massachusetts. Richard and some of his children, by name, Richard, Zebulon, John, and Sarah & husband moved from Rowley, Massachusetts to Maugerville, New Brunswick, Canada in 1764. They went to a settlement lately formed by New England colonists on the banks of the St. John River, New Brunswick, called Maugerville.

65. Ruth Fiske born 18 October 1709, daughter of William & Mary Fiske of Ipswich, Massachusetts.



Estey Family

128. Issac Estey born about 1656 in Topsfield, Massachusetts, died

before 3 May 1714, in Topsfield, Massachusetts, married on 14 October 1689. Issac's name appears with others who took the oath of allegance and fidelity to Charles II in January 1677. In 1681 his minister's rate was seven shillings and one penny. He left a will dated 16 March 1713/14 which was probated 3 May 1714.

1689 - Massacre of French settlers at Lachine, near Montreal, Canada, by Iroquois Indians - in July]

129. Abigail Kimball born 22 March 1667, daughter of John and Mary (Bradstreet) Kimball. Married second 25 April 1718 to William Poole.



Estey Family

1691 - Massachusetts absorbs Plymouth Colony, and is given new charter]

256. Isaac Estey born 27 November 1627 in Preston, England, died about 1712 in Topsfield, Massachusetts married before 1656.

From "About Towne", a quarterly Newsletter, Jan/Feb 1986-page 4:

"...Rev. Samuel Parris, formerly a merchant in the West Indies, had in his possession West Indian slaves, one by the name of Tituba. The girls in the winter of 1691-2 whiled away the evenings by practising palmistry and magic at the parsonage. Later as a result of the witchcraft lore voodooism teachings of Tituba and the already prevalent universal belief in witchcraft, the girls exhibited fits and convulsions in the presence of other people. The villiage physcian, Dr. Griggs, pronounced the girls bewitched. The ten young girls accused various people, including Tituba, of bewitching them.

Hysteria spread rapidly and within four months hundreds were arrested and tried, nineteen hanged, and one man was pressed to death. On April 22, 1692, Mary Easty, the wife of Isaac Easty, was delivered to the jail keeper in Salem. With others she was charged with "High Suspicion of Sundry Acts of Witchcraft..." On May 18th Mary Easty was released, but two days later the girls were seized with terrible convulsions and accused Mary Easty again... After midnight she was aroused from sleep, chained and taken from her home and family, and placed in the prison in Salem... She was carried to execution with seven others on the 22nd day of September 1692.

The end of witchcraft in America came in May of 1693 when Governor William Phips ordered the release from prison of all then held on the charge of witchcraft."

From (Essex County Archives, Salem - Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 177) (Examination of Mary Easty)

"The Examination of Mary Eastie. At a Court held at Salem village 22. Apr. 1692 By the Hon. John Hathorn & Jonathan Corwin. At the bringing in of the the accused severall fell into fits. Doth this woman hurt you? Many mouths were stopt, & several other fits seized them..."

257. Mary Towne born 24 August 1634 in Yarmouth, England. She was hanged 22 September 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. (See section on Towne Family for further information)


HISTORY OF ESSEX COUNTY, MASSACHUSETTS 1888 by D.H. Hurd, Vol I, page 950 "Estey- Johnathan Estey was the son of John Estey, who was the son of Isaac, whose wife Mary was hung for witchcraft in 1692. This John came here from Topsfield, a few years after the execution of his mother. The blood of the family has been quite generally diffused throughout this town, and they are well known as a long-lived race. The larger part of the family moved to Framingham after the execution of the wife and mother, hoping they had excaped the laws of Massachuttes, but subsequently found that they were still in the hated State; but they had cleared away too many fields to take up stakes again, and have remained, some of them to the present day."


Estey Family

1612-1613, Shakespeare - "Henry the VIII"

512. Jeffrey Estey born about 1587 in Preston, England, died 4 January 1657 in Littleneck, New York, married 29 May 1609. Jeffrey received a land grant in Salem, Massachusetts in 1636. His will was probated 23 January 1657.

513. Margaret Pott (or Pett). (No further information on Margaret.)



Towne Family

1603 - Queen Elizabeth I of England died

Excerpt from "Essex Institute Historical Collections",

Volume 118 1982, page 203-- ...This article presents a small-scale pilot study of one seventeenth-century Massachusetts family in order to illustrate the feasibility and value of investigations which focus on kin networks and use genealogical material as a data base. The family chosen for the pilot study was that established in America by William Towne, who arrived in Salem, Massachusetts, in the early seventeenth century. Very little is known about the ancestry of William Towne, or about his reasons for coming to New England, but it is believed that he was the son of Richard and Ann Towne of Lincoln County in England, and it has been established that he was married to Joanna Blessing in the Church of St. Nicholas at Yarmouth, Norfolk County, in 1620...

514. William Towne born about 1600 in Braceby, England, died about 1672, married 25 March 1620 in Braceby, England. William Towne recieved a land grant in Salem, Massachutess in 1640 and lived there until 1652 when he moved to Topsfield, Massachusetts where he died in 1672. His wife died about 1682. Two of their children were daughters Mary (Towne) Estey and Rebecca (Towne) Nourse. During the Salem witch hunts, Rebecca and Mary were jailed. Rebecca was found guilty and executed. Later Mary was arrested the 2nd time, tried, found guilty and executed. She entered a long petition to the judge in which she begged not for her own life which she knew must be in vain but that no more innocent blood be shed.

515. Joanna Blessing died about 1682.



Estey Family

1580 - Francis Drake returns to England from
voyage of circumnavigation

From "About Towne", newsletter, April/May/June 1985, page 26:

"...Jeffrey Esty...was the eldest son of Christopher and Ann (Arnold) Easty, who were married in May 1586. Christopher Esty died in 1621 and in his will mentions his eldest son Jeffery Eastie to whom he leaves money."

1024. Christopher Estey born about 1552 in Mintlesham, England, died 7 November 1621 in Preston, England, married in May 1586.

1025. Ann Arnold died 26 May 1631. (No further informatio on Ann)



Towne Family

1558 - Queen Mary I of England died, succeeded by Elizabeth I

1028. Richard Towne. (No further information)
1029. Ann (Nee Unknown). (No further information)

1030. John Blessing. (No further information)
1031. Joan Preaste. (No further information)


Estey Family

1528 - At Bridewell Henry VIII explains to nobles and citizens of
London his motives for seeking a divorce from Catherine of Aragon

2048. Jeffrey Estey born about 1515 in Hintlesham, Suffolk, England.